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Price: $159.60
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Prod. Code: Y-34-1

Expand your park season with freezeless yard hydrants. These hydrants have been field tested for years and OUTPERFORM and OUTLAST any import knockoff.

•Solid metal cast construction
•Valve below frost depth
•Automatic bottom drain
•Presettable volume control
•Solid brass nozzle with 3/4" hose bibb connection
•Teflon long life packing
•Rod guide reduces wear from side pulling on handle
•Tamper-proof locking mechanism
•US Made

Overall length of hydrant includes 9" top of handle to base of nozzle, 27.5" base of nozzle to ground level plus frost bury depth for your location. ie Y34-1 overall length 48.5" See illustration below.      'X' denotes bury depth you select

We suggest our backflow preventor #T34HD for use with this yard hydrant.

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