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Trumbull Recreation Supply
Innovating for the outdoor recreation trade since 1971
Originators of Shower-trol hot shower systems


Since its founding in 1971, Trumbull has produced only durable, reliable, commercial grade products for recreation facilities.   We know maintaining a recreational complex is tough work . . . and that the public are tough customers.  Price alone is not the sensible choice when building or upgrading - that's why our customers appreciate the long life of Trumbull's quality US products. 

Here at Trumbull, we believe a quality product, at a fair price is worth your investment.

                               We pledge to continue bringing you our carefully designed products                                  specifically developed for use outdoors and by the general public.



   The GERM WARRIOR     

Trumbull's Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Station 



The original coin operated hot shower systems.

Used throughout the USA , Canada, and the Caribbean to save water, energy, and control costs.  


Sanitary water tower, hatch cover and site sewer caps


Outdoor shower and foot-wash station


Our popular dog waste bag dispenser for your guests who bring their best friend along.


Always rustproof aluminum with clear graphics and concise wording.


We manufacture in the USA   -   Veteran founded business   -    Family owned

You may know us already, and we welcome your continued patronage. If you have been recommended to us, we look forward to being of service to your facility.

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