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Weedtrine-D is a broad spectrum liquid aquatic herbicide for use in and around still lakes, ponds, ditches, non-crop or non-planted areas. It is specifically formulated for homeowner use for spot treatment of small weed patches or backyard ponds. Weedtrine-D can be used in a non-crop or non-planted areas such as around buildings, fence lines, driveways, patios.
Weedtrine-D acts as a contact killer in plants by disrupting cellular membranes. Loss of these membranes allows the active ingredient to move into the plant and "short circuit" photosynthesis. Weedtrine-D contains 8.53% active diquat dibromide.
Weedtrine-D controls a broad range of aquatic plants including submerges, floating and emergent weeds and certain filamentous algae. It is easy to apply and kills plants quickly through rapid absorption. It has a low toxicity to fish and other aquatic organisms and is compatible in tank mixes with Cutrine Plus algacide to increase effectiveness. See product code #PCP-L1 for Cutrine Plus information.


1) Weedtrine-D label supplies information on species and dosage rates. Example of range for submerged weeds - apply 5-10 gallons per surface acre. Floating weeds - apply 2.5 - 5 gallons per surface acre.
2) See label for specific application for type of plant treated. Example: Submersed plants may be treated by pouring directly from the container. Floating and emergent weeds should be treated with a foliar application of spray solution.

Follow all label directions. Treated water should not be used for irrigation, animal consumptin or domestic purposes for 5 days after application. Made in the USA.

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