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Prevents aquatic plant and algae growth AND colors water a beautiful blue.  100% ORGANIC.  EPA Registered.

Aquashade works by absorbing the necessary light wavelengths inhibiting photosynthesis required for weeds and algae to grow.  Application is easy by simply pouring into water being treated and allowing natural movement to disperse throughtout.  Applications can be done year round for continuous effects.  Winter - pour on ice in circles to melt through and have the earliest possible effect.  Spring - works to inhibit growth early to suppress continued growth.  Summer - to help keep weeds in check and your pond beautiful.  Fall - as part of your pond management program.  

Aquashade will improve water clarity by reducing suspended algal density.  Reduces pH as algal population declines.

Use in natural and manmade lakes and ponds whether ornamental, recreational.  Will not harm fish. Treated water can be used in as little as one hour for swimming, irrigation or livestock watering.


One gallon per acre with average 4 foot depth.  Pour directly in water at shoreline and for better dispersion choose areas near aerators or inflow sites for quicker dispersion.  Best used in water with little or no outflow. 

Sold in gallons.  Call Trumbull for information on 2.5 gallon containers and 5 gallon and larger drums.

Made in the USA

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