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Harvester is a fast acting, contact control herbicide.  Results with spot or broadcast spray on undesirable above ground weed growth is seen in 24-36 hours after application.  Use for grounds maintenance weed control on landscape beds, golf courses, fence lines.  Use to trim and edge walkways, driveways, and cart paths.  Harvester can be used for spot treatment around buildings and patios.  

Harvester controls broadleaf and grassy weeds by interfering with photosynthesis in the tissue.  It is a nonvolatile herbicide, but is a contac/desiccant herbicide. It is essential to obtain complete coverage of the target weeds to get control.  Control is limited to the spray width - care must be used to not overspray and damage desired species.

Basic Application Rates: 

  1. Spot treatment: Apply either .75 oz of Harvester plus the labeled rate of 75% or greater nonionic surfactant per 1 gallon of water.
  2. Broadcast: Apply 1-2 pts. Havester per acre plus the labeled rate of 75% or greater nonionic surfactant per 100 gallons spray mixture.  Rates are lower for dense and/or tall plants.

We recommend that any sprayer used for application of herbicides be acquired solely for such purposes.  Follow all label directions.

See AQUA-PREP, product code #, for nonionic surfactant for use with Harvester applications.

Sold by the quart.  Gallons available by calling Trumbull directly  800-243-0134.  

Made in the USA

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