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Cutrine Plus is an algaecide which controls existing algae and inhibits rapid reinfestation.
U.S. EPA registered for use in drinking water reservoirs, industrial ponds, golf course water hazards, lakes and ponds, fish hatcheries and raceways. Water treated with Cutrine Plus can be used for swimming, domestic uses and livestock watering immediately after application.
Water from treated lakes, ponds and irrigation systems may be used to irrigate turf, fairways, putting greens and ornamental plants.
Cutrine Plus has been used successfully in trout ponds which contained cold hard water. The copper in Cutrine Plus does not precipitate out and become ineffective in alkaline or hard water.
It also acts as a herbicide to control Hydrilla verticillata - a rooted underwater weed. Water treated with Cutrine Plus to contol Hydrilla verticillata does not require post treatment water use restrictions associated with other herbicides.
Cutrine Plus is compatible in tank mixes with the herbicide Weedtrine. Cutrine Plus can be applied to flowing water using a continuous delivery drip system.
1) Cutrine controls 3 forms of algae; planktonic, filamentous and chara
2) Is a liquid formulation which contains 9.0% active ingredient
3) Contains 0.909 pounds of copper per gallon
4) Has a specific gravity of 1.21 (10.1 lbs. per gallon)
5) Controls algae at 0.2 to 0.4 ppm copper and hydrilla at 0.4 to 1.0 ppm copper.
1) Planktonic and filamentous algae - apply at rate of 0.6 gallon per acre foot (43,560 cubic feet). Cutrine Plus should be diluted with at least 9 parts of water to facilitate even distribution during application. Surface spray is most practical for treatment of planktonic and filamentous algae.
2) Chara and Nitella use 1.2 gallons per acre foot. Dilution as noted above. Bottom growing algae should be treated by underwater injection or by application of Cutrine Plus Granular (see product code PCP-G3).

Do not use in waters containing Koi or hybrid goldfish. Not intended for small volume, garden pond systems. Read and follow all label directions. Specimen label available by facsimile, request by email.

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