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Interlocking mats for a nonslip, hygenic flooring anywhere water is.  Self draining will not retain water. Comfortable under barefeet - No excessive pebbling on mat surface. Flexible. Five plugs and sockets per side for a tight, no buckling weave. A light tap with a hammer ensures that each plug is securely seated in the socket.  Easy to cut with utility knife for a customized fit against walls. Easy to clean with pressure wash.  Each mat is 12" x 12" x 1/2". In five vibrant colors.  Mix colors for a checkerboard, striped or random pattern. US made.

Optional bevel edge and corner pieces #TPBE-12 / TPC-2 for a finished look on exposed sides.  Bevel allows easy roll on for wheelchairs and walkers.  Same colors as mats.

Buy as few or as many as you need. Or, order by the case lot of 50 mats all the same color.  

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