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HAND DRYER-Push Button

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Price: $407.00
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Prod. Code: T76-SP

Pushbutton dryer with the best warranty in the business - 10 years.

You will protect against germ transmission.  You will save on paper towel purchases, housekeeping costs and restroom maintenance.  You will conserve our natural resources by reduced need for tree harvesting and processing for towels.  Less waste to landfills.

Brushless motor. Side mounted heaters protected from damage and vandalism.  Tamper-proof bolts on cover.  Automatic resetting circuit breaker and thermal switch.  Self lubricating bearings.  Corrosion resistant internal parts.  30 second time cycle on pushbutton.  Surface mount.  All cast covers, chip proof epoxy finish.  White. (120 volt operation shipped if not otherwise specified)

10 year unlimited warranty including vandalism - An investment that will save you money like few others. US made.


 1)  # of towel cases purchased per year _____
 2)  Cost per case _____
 3)  Total cost per year (#1 x #2) _____
 4)  Handling cost (50% of #3) _____  (includes acquistion, storage, housekeeping and disposal.  Environmental cost not included)
 5)  TOTAL PAPER TOWEL COST, add #3 and #4 _____
 6)  Number of towels used yearly (average case is 3,750 sheets x #1) _____
 7)  Number of hand dryings yearly (#6 x 2.5 towels per use) _____
 8)  Hours of dryer usage (#7 divided by 120 drys per hour) _____
 9)  Cost of electricity per hour (2.2 KW used X your KWH rate) _____
 10) Annual dryer operating cost (#8 x #9) _____
 11) YOUR ANNUAL SAVINGS (Subtract #10 from #5) _____

HAND DRYER PAYBACK (#11 divided by dryer cost, plus $75.00 average installation per unit.  Your savings multiple _____

PAYBACK PERIOD (12 months divided by #12) _____Best Components ... + ... Best Warranty = Best Value




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