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SHOWER-TROL  It was a time of "skyrocketing" energy costs, severe droughts, and gas lines were affecting many areas of the United States - it was 1971.  The campground industry was still in its infancy and seeking a way to combat the costs of an unavoidable expense...the campground showers.  Trumbull introduced SHOWER-TROL a means to economically and effectively conserve water, off-set water heating costs and control showerroom misuse.   SHOWER-TROL . . . just what the name implies . . . controlled delivery of shower water.  Individual package information is below, but read further.

The benefits of SHOWER-TROL systems are substantial . . .

  1. It eliminates wasting of water. Save 100's ... 1000's of gallons of water per day ... per year depending on the number of showers used.
  2. No more showers left running for hours or overnight.  Lower water disposal fees.  No more flooded septic systems.  The Shower-trol meter remembers when the user forgets.
  3. Lower energy usage with controlled delivery and automatic shut-off.
  4. Discourteous patrons can't keep others waiting endlessly . . . or use all the hot water.
  5. This system more than pays for itself and the water heating fuel bill.  It converts a previous expense into self-sustaining system and potential profit center.

As the originators of SHOWER-TROL systems, we are aware that facilities in different areas have different problems and that one meter will not satisfy everyone's needs.  For this reason, we have several meters from which to choose and meter timing and fees can be individualized for the best solution to suit your location.

  1. Coin or token operation.  Or, choose both with tokens for seasonal guests and coins for overnight patrons.
  2. Straight time deposit or allow accumulation for longer showers
  3. 120 vac, 24 vac or 12 vac
  4. Allow guests to select a shower temperature with your hand mixing valve or offered tempered water suitable for a pleasant shower.
  5. Systems for in-wall, plumbing alley and exposed solenoid installation.
  6. A complete SHOWER-TROL system for new installation or the COIN-TROL meter only to convert from our original mechanical meter to today's electronic meter.

Installation is simple.  The equipment needed to change a free shower to a SHOWER-TROL shower is all provided.  The meter is located in the adjoining dressing room or outside the shower stall.  It is then wired to our specially selected solenoid valve which is placed on the water line between showerhead and mixing valve.  As coins are deposited the timing begins and the water is shut off when time expires.  Complete instructions for system installation are provided.

All Shower-trol packages are designed to offer the greatest versatility whether your concern is voltage, valve installation, facility costs or resource conservation.  In choosing the proper package and model consider your park's needs, as well as the benefits to hope to derive from installing metered hot showers.  As the originators of coin operated hot showers, we stand by our statement that Shower-trol will reduce expenses, conserve water and energy, make restrooms more efficient, pay for itself and turn a profit . . . where there was previously only expense.



120 vac system 



Low voltage - Recommended for new installations



24 volt all valve installations




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